November 2016 Calendar!

Project Downtown

On Nov. 4 2016, AED will be lending a hand to the Project Downtown organization. Project Downtown’s mission is to provide essential services for homeless and disadvantaged segments of the downtown Miami community. AED will be meeting at Stanford Circle at 5PM, and meet the organization in downtown Miami. (Transportation will be provided.) Usually the event lasts no more than 2 hours, so it’s a great and easy way to give back to the community and receive 1 point of volunteer work necessary for national membership. Last time we did this it was a great success. We only need 7 members, so it’s first come, first serve. If you’d like to join, please click here. (Expired)

Toppel Career Center Meeting

On Nov 7 2016, at 8PM in LC 160, we will be hosting faculty members from the Toppel Career Center. The Toppel Career Center is dedicated to helping prepare students for their future careers, such as establishing connections, preparing their resumes, and strengthening their interview skills. These same interpersonal skills can be put into action when applying for medical school, so the advice given at this meeting tonight could be extremely helpful regarding your medical school application, or simply preparing for your future in the workforce. We’ll have free food too, so please, bring your appetite.

Medical Student Q&A Panel

The Monday after Thanksgiving break (Nov 28, 2016), at 8PM in LC160, we will be having our medical student Q&A meeting. This meeting is one of our more notable meetings because it’s simply AED members asking a few medical students anything they’re curious about regarding medical school. Mark the day and time on your calendars because it’s a relaxed and fun meeting you could gain a lot from.